As hemp derived products become more and more popular, and while the holidays are right around the corner, we cannot help but think about how we can get our Delta 8 products from point A to point B. Whether you are traveling by plane or car, we aim to give you the best tips to traveling and transporting your Delta 8 products safely with no illegal tricks! We want you to travel and get to your destination safely without any hassle from the law. In this guide, our goal is just that!

Whether you are traveling with Delta 8 vapes, or edibles and tinctures, may determine your method of transporting your Delta 8 product. The type of product, along with traveling on the road or by air, ultimately determines how you will travel with Delta 8.

Driving with Delta 8

If you are road tripping this season by car with Delta 8, there are a couple precautions you may want to look into. If you are driving from one state to another, then looking up the other state laws on Delta 8 may be a good idea. Everyday, states are changing their laws on whether or not Delta 8 is a regulated substance. As a consumer, we must remain diligent in being as up to date as possible for these state laws. Additionally, at least while driving, it is best to treat all of your Delta 8 products like alcohol, and store them in safe compartments. This is to prevent law enforcement from getting any of the wrong ideas revolving around you consuming Delta 8 while driving.

As long as your Delta 8 products remain under 0.3% Delta 9 THC, and you follow the state laws, you have nothing to worry about when driving to your holiday vacation! Remember, these tips only apply to driving with Delta 8 across state lines. Now, we are going to discuss the best course of action for flying with Delta 8 products.

Flying with Delta 8

Driving across state lines with Delta 8 is a bit tricky, but bare with us as things get a little trickier. Have no fear, flying with Delta 8 is no pioneering feat. Similar to driving into a new state with Delta 8, flying into a new state also requires that we do our homework on that state’s Delta 8 laws. Since Delta 8 is federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill, it is safe to fly with Delta 8 into federal air space as long as your destination also allows it. Additionally, since 2019, the Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) has amended their policy to allow hemp derived CBD products to be allowed on board. 

The TSA and Delta 8

The TSA however, is where flying with Delta 8 can get a little tricky. Although the TSA website states that their primary role is to search for weapons, not drugs, the discretion of the individual TSA agent checking you through security may say otherwise. Generally, as long as you follow the law, you should have no fear when dealing with the TSA. If the individual TSA agent is having an opposition toward your Delta 8 products, the worst they can do is confiscate your product. Again, as long as you follow your departing and arriving state laws for Delta 8, and your product is in fact below 0.3% Delta 9 THC, then you are good to go.

How can we avoid conflict with the TSA altogether? We can leave our Delta 8 products inside our checked in bags if there are any. Otherwise, we may have to carry them on if that is your only option. If you are flying somewhere that is too hot or too cold for your Delta 8 products, then it may also be a safer option to carry on your Delta 8 to avoid exposure to harsh environments. 

Flying with Various Delta 8 Products

The type of Delta 8 product you bring may also help you determine whether or not carrying on or checking in your Delta 8 is the best choice. Because vaporizers and smoking of any kind is prohibited from all airlines, it may be best to leave your Delta 8 vaporizer in your checked in luggage if that is a possibility. As for topical and edible Delta 8 products, as long as the airline allows for outside food onboard, then you can stop dreaming about enjoying your Delta 8 goodies on the plane and make it a reality!

Flying with Delta 8 Internationally

Generally speaking, flying with Delta 8 products out of the country is not recommended, as the laws outside of the United States may be even trickier than the individual state laws. From our understanding, there are countries in Europe that allow hemp derived products as long as they are below a specific Delta 9 THC level. Some levels are as low as <0.2% THC. Traveling with Delta 8 beyond the United States is outside of our goal for this article. As long as you stick to this guide, traveling with Delta 8 within the United States should be a breeze compared to going international.

Once again, it is in your best interest to keep up with all state laws that regulate or ban Delta 8. As long as you avoid those states with your Delta 8 products, you are in good hands. If you are still prepping for your holiday adventure, we recommend checking out our store to help you get ready! Otherwise, feel free to check out our other blog posts to continue to learn more about Delta 8!

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