THCa Liquid Diamond Vape Carts

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Concentrate Type: Liquid Diamond Vape Cartridge
Terpene Type: Cannabis Derived Terpenes
Description: Liquid Diamond Vape Cartridges are made using 99%+ THCa Isolate Diamonds, which are melted down and mixed with Cannabis Derived Terpenes.
Strength: Strong Effects, Extremely Potent
Taste/Flavor: Originals – Cannabis Derived Terpenes or CDT (Strain Specific)
Exotics – CDT Infused w/ Additional Fruit Terpene Flavor (Fruit Flavor)
Live Derived – CDT Infused w/ Additional Live Resin Terpenes (Weedy Taste)
Size: One Gram Vape Cartridge

Introducing our THCa Liquid Diamond Vape Carts, the epitome of potency and purity in the world of cannabis vaping. Crafted using premium THCa Diamonds melted down into a liquid form then infused with real Cannabis Derived Terpenes, this cartridge delivers an unparalleled vaping experience that captures the full spectrum of flavors and terpenes.

Liquid Diamonds redefine what it means to vape, offering not just extraordinary potency, but also compliance under the 2018 Farm Bill, as they are derived from hemp plants with less than 0.3% THC. Elevate your vaping journey to new heights with our Liquid Diamond vape cartridge—where world-class potency meets legal compliance. Perfect for both cannabis connoisseurs seeking unmatched potency and newcomers interested in exploring the unique benefits of THCa, this vape cartridge is your ticket to a whole new level of cannabis enjoyment.

THCa Liquid Diamond Vape Cartridge Strains:

Original Strains:

NEW Skywalker OG – Indica

Granddaddy Purple – Indica

Purple Punch – Indica

Blue Dream – Sativa

Green Crack – Sativa

Biscotti – Hybrid

Gusherz – Hybrid

Exotic Strains:

Strawberry Champagne – Infused / Hybrid

Peaches and Dream – Infused / Hybrid

Mango Mojito – Infused / Hybrid

Slushie – Infused / Hybrid

Will THCa Liquid Diamond Vape Carts Get You High?

Curious about whether THCa Liquid Diamond Vape Carts will get you high? While THCa in its raw form is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, the story changes when it is decarboxylated, or exposed to heat. Our THCa Vapes are specifically designed to deliver not just potency but also the effects you’re seeking.

When you use a vape, the THCa undergoes the decarboxylation process, converting it to THC, the compound responsible for psychoactive effects. So, yes, vaping THCa Liquid Diamond Vape Carts will result in you most likely getting high. This offers consumers a unique opportunity to experience the potent and diverse effects of THCa in a transformed, activated state. Elevate your cannabis journey with the science and potency behind THCa Liquid Diamond Vapes—where high-quality meets high experience.

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THCa Liquid Diamond Vape Cart Warning: Pursuant to California Proposition 64, cannabis products, including our THCa Liquid Diamond Vape Cartridges, are for use only by adults 21 years of age or older. While THCa is non-psychoactive in its original state, the heat from vaping triggers a decarboxylation process that converts THCa to THC, the psychoactive compound that causes a high. Therefore, exercise caution and be fully aware of the effects before using this product. If you are seeking a non-intoxicating experience, these cartridges may not be suitable for you. Always consult with healthcare professionals before incorporating new cannabis products into your routine, and familiarize yourself with local laws and regulations concerning THC and cannabis consumption. Use our THCa Liquid Diamond Vapes responsibly and in accordance with all applicable laws.

FDA Disclosure: This product is not for use by or sale to persons under the age of 18 or 21 depending on the laws of your governing state or territory. This product should be used only as directed on the label. It should not be used if you are pregnant or nursing. Consult with a physician before use, especially if you have a medical condition or use prescription medications. A doctor’s advice should be sought before using any of these products. All trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective owners and are not affiliated with nor do they endorse this product. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. By using this site you agree to follow the Privacy Policy and all Terms & Conditions printed on this site. Void Where Prohibited By Law.

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78 reviews for THCa Liquid Diamond Vape Carts

    June 12, 2024
    Definitely the TASTIEST 😋 most POTENT 🔥 carts I have tried!!!!!
    June 10, 2024
    They taste good and feel good. Worth the money if u like good shit
    June 10, 2024
    Slapping as usual
    June 6, 2024
    Best thc-a cart
    spence Hayes
    June 5, 2024
    It's OK
    Shaun W.
    June 4, 2024
    Very impressive by the quality. Taste are amazing and the effects had me chilled out. Word of advise 2 puffs then wait a bit, it will hit you like a train.
    THCa Liquid Diamond Vape Carts photo review
    Jayson Finch
    May 31, 2024
    MY CART CAME WITH A HAIR IN IT🤮🤮🤮 how nasty is this… there is hair in my oil. I don’t even feel safe using this product.
    May 28, 2024
    Very good product
    May 15, 2024
    Good product
    May 12, 2024
    Always a good time with liquid diamonds. You'll sleep like a dream after too.
    THCa Liquid Diamond Vape Carts photo review
    Dacy Hartmann
    April 27, 2024
    I've thoroughly enjoyed multiple carts from mints, but I recently received purple punch and according to their site the terps for it are supposed to be strain specific, but when I recieved it the oil was cloudy with these tiny little bubbles and the vapor tasted strongly of chemicals. Didn't feel safe vaping it, and when I reached out they just said that was normal and that it was supposed to taste like that. I kind of find that hard to believe.
    April 25, 2024
    Very affordable
    April 25, 2024
    THCa Liquid Diamond Vape Carts photo review
    April 24, 2024
    I bought two, skywalker OG and granddaddy purple. Skywalker OG was great. But the granddaddy purple came with weird looking oil. It tasted like grape perfume and was so harsh it left me with a head ache.
    April 15, 2024
    Hands down one of the best carts I’ve had so 🔥🔥🔥
    April 12, 2024
    These things are fire cool that they got options for ones that are like full spectrum then ones with different crazy terps the live resin/ liquid diamonds are a little better but still fire
    Aiden A.
    April 10, 2024
    Very Fast Shipping, Amazing Cart!
    April 10, 2024
    Loved it. Can't wait to try more.
    April 8, 2024
    Great Products, Cary is a legend in the hemp community.
    Tyler Fuller
    March 20, 2024
    Love it!
    March 19, 2024
    I love these carts! They’re better than the other cannabinoid ones out rn
    March 15, 2024
    Carts are fire would definitely recommend. Great effects and taste
    March 11, 2024
    Always gets me extremely high
    March 6, 2024
    Blue dream is always a favorite. Good flavor, decent potency.
    Jonathan M.
    February 27, 2024
    Wow. Best premade cart I've got online by a long shot.
    February 21, 2024
    Skywalker flavor was on point
    February 20, 2024
    The best thca carts on the market
    February 19, 2024
    Good stuff y’all ordered more
    February 14, 2024
    Recent batch had some bubbles, but still good product.
    February 7, 2024
    Loving the blue dream flavor and effects! 5/5
    January 31, 2024
    Was very satisfied with recent batch of Blue Dream carts. 5/5
    January 28, 2024
    Good Product
    January 24, 2024
    Fast shipping and good oil quality
    January 24, 2024
    The cart arrived as a dud, I had to pull the metal connector out from the bottom and poke at the wire inside to fix it.
    Elizabeth Velazquez
    January 22, 2024
    Loved the liquid diamond carts bought mango mojito and strawberry champagne both are some fire 🔥 🔥
    Trent S.
    January 22, 2024
    I copped a couple last drop. but these jawns were sold out all last week. So I stocked up today 🙏🏻
    January 21, 2024
    Nice taste and fast delivery
    January 19, 2024
    On point 😮‍💨😮‍💨
    Denver M.
    January 17, 2024
    Great for the price and it came fast. Not disappointed!
    THCa Liquid Diamond Vape Carts photo review
    The Cheeba Critic
    January 16, 2024
    Package arrived today just waiting on labs so I can rest assured when I hit these beauties. Freaky fast shipping! 🤯
    January 16, 2024
    I really like the carts flavor and effects
    January 15, 2024
    January 13, 2024
    Copped so many of these
    Trent S.
    January 11, 2024
    I've been buying your pods for years. I took a break from smoking on alt-noids because I heard about side effects, idk how real that is. Anyways, during my holiday breaks I wanted some pens for my vacation so I went on your site and was surprised y'all had thca carts. I copped a few and these are the real deal! Smooth and not harsh like some d8 pens and the high last a lot longer.
    Ann Rose
    January 9, 2024
    Taste and effects are there, but it made me cough far too much. :(
    January 5, 2024
    Great Value I buy these what seems like weekly. Keeps me from raging from all the working I do
    January 3, 2024
    These and y'alls live rez is the best thca vapes I've tried so far
    Denver M.
    January 1, 2024
    Someone showed me these on Christmas!
    THCa Liquid Diamond Vape Carts photo review
    December 31, 2023
    Straight 🔥 Slushie reminds me of the green freezie popsicles.
    December 31, 2023
    Fire ah cart really high quality prob the best THCA brand (better than baysmokes!!)
    December 30, 2023
    I'm heavy delta 8 user, 200mg-250mg daily through vapes and a THCa cart had me set for hours off 3 puffs vs d8. Solid pick for me.
    Jackson Peavy
    December 27, 2023
    This was fine
    December 28, 2023
    jacob s.
    December 27, 2023
    Aaron F.
    December 25, 2023
    One of the carts I’ve tried glad I tried mints market if your hesitant I’d give it a try an order a cart or two
    December 22, 2023
    5/5 STARS MINTS 😌
    December 19, 2023
    Got 3 of these and loved them all
    Seth Lee
    December 16, 2023
    Nice quality and price , thca vapes as always , happy you brought the originals to thca as well
    December 14, 2023
    ???? ????
    December 12, 2023
    Strongest cart I have ever tried. Customer service was top notch, will definitely recommend to friends.
    December 10, 2023
    Ordered a few of these and the delta 8 ones to compare. These are stronger but the delta 8 taste cleaner and are better during the daytime more like a sativa high, and these are more like indica.
    December 9, 2023
    These thca vapes are night and day compared to the delta 8 ones
    December 6, 2023
    Fantastic. Great flavor. Very potent. Great presentation. 10/10
    December 6, 2023
    Best service I have ever received, price is low and the fast customer service was beyond what other business offer. I can't wait to try it out! Best. Store. Ever. :)
    Peyton H.
    December 5, 2023
    Always good quality. I've tried every strain and never been disappointed.
    December 4, 2023
    Good quality
    Emma L.
    November 30, 2023
    I almost didn't catch your cyber Monday sale. I seriously bought like 10 of these.
    November 29, 2023
    November 29, 2023
    Green crack and purple punch so taste really good! Probably going to stick with these from now on!
    Adin Kim
    November 28, 2023
    In my honest opinion these are good. But it's worth spending the extra $5 and trying a live resin as well, as I feel those terps hit a little bit harder. These are still good though, and might have a better overall "taste".
    November 27, 2023
    Extremely potent and tasty! First time trying these and can safely say this is one of my favorite carts. Will definitely continue using these in the future.
    Jose Gonzalez
    November 26, 2023
    November 24, 2023
    These are awesome! Strong and tasty!
    Nick Santos
    November 23, 2023
    Jen Bailey
    November 22, 2023
    I've been buy your pods for years. These are so much better with the same great taste.
    November 20, 2023
    Thanks for replying to my email. I'm going to leave this here for others! "When the cartridges are water clear, they're not delta 8. They are simply made with Diamonds, rather than Isolate. Isolate isn't as stable and is more sensitive to heat, so it caramelizes to a darker yellow than large diamonds. We'll be switching back to Isolate soon, as Diamonds is much more expensive to use"
    Emma L.
    November 18, 2023
    Thank you <33
    November 17, 2023
    These hoes smack fr fr
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