If you are deciding whether or not Delta 8 THC is right for you and your legal or employment matters, or wondering how Delta 8 reacts with drug tests, then you have come to the right place. This article is meant to help you understand whether or not Delta 8 THC shows up on a drug test, as well as tips and tricks on how to potentially remove Delta 8 THC from your system if a drug test is within your horizon.

Will Delta 8 THC Show up on a Drug Test? 

Even if you have consumed Delta 8, you may still have a chance of passing your test. Depending on the frequency of how often you and how long ago you have used Delta 8 products will greatly determine your odds of passing. Before we dive into how you can rid of all THC in your system, lets discuss how drug tests work, and how Delta 8 reacts with them.

How do Drug Tests Work?

What can you expect from your drug test after using Delta 8? Most THC drug tests sample urine and test the urine with various strips of paper with colored markings that indicate whether you are positive or negative for THC. These tests can be purchased at a local store and tested at home. Within a more professional setting, urine may be analyzed within a laboratory utilizing similar test strips or by using a gas chromatography mass spectrometer (GC-MS) column. All of these tests measure chemical signals the body creates when metabolizing THC regardless if it is Delta 8 or Delta 9. 

Will I test positive for THC if I use Delta 8?

That being said, drug tests may fail in distinguishing the difference between Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC. As hemp and cannabis products become more complex with its derived cannabinoids, tests may not be fine tuned to detect the differences between some cannabinoids, thus showing false positives for Delta 9 THC when you have only consumed Delta 8 or in some cases, CBD. Now that we understand how drug tests work with Delta 8, let’s finally get to the real question we have all been waiting for: Will I test positive for THC using Delta 8?

Will Delta 8 THC Show up on a Drug Test?

Even though you have only consumed Delta 8 and/or CBD and other hemp derived products, you may still show up positive for THC. This is not your fault! The hemp and cannabis market is constantly changing and advancing with new products everyday. As a result, it is no wonder tests in both home and professional settings are having difficulty keeping just as up to date with understanding how to test the difference between all of these cannabinoids. As it stands, Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC are very similar in their chemical structure, making it even more difficult for tests to distinguish the differences.

However, the question still stands – will Delta 8 THC show up on a drug test? Because tests are still having difficulties to differentiate Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC, it is safe to say that Delta 8 THC will show up on a drug test potentially as Delta 9. Until over the counter and readily available drug tests are able to test the differences between the two cannabinoids, it is best to play it safe in not consuming Delta 8 in order to pass a drug test for Delta 9.

The reason being as to why these tests constantly fail Delta 8 when compared to Delta 9 is because they break down the same way in the body into THC metabolites. Until we can find a way to distinguish the two cannabinoids after they are metabolized, it will be difficult to pass a drug test after consuming Delta 8. 

Even while consuming CBD, THC may still show up on a drug test. This is because the limit for Delta 9 THC in CBD products is 0.3%. If you consume enough CBD products with this 0.3% THC amount, it is arguable that it will show up on a drug test from those low levels. 

How to Remove THC from your System

We now know that you can still fail a Delta 9 THC drug test even while consuming Delta 8 and in some cases, CBD. Is it too late to get it out of your system for your test? Before we discuss your options to remove THC in your system, let us consider how long ago and how frequent you consumed THC. 

For first time users, THC can stay in your urine for as long as eight days. Heavy users can expect to stay positive for up to 60 days! Regardless of which category of consumer you fit into, there are still options you can try to decrease the amount of time THC is in your system. That being said, these options may vary in effectiveness for everyone. Several variables such as body mass index, and metabolism all factor into how quickly you can remove THC completely from your body. Nonetheless, let’s dive into greater detail with what your options can be leading up to your test. 

  1. Days or weeks before your test: Exercise and drink lots of water 

THC clings to the fat cells in your body. We hate to say it, but the more fat you have, the more likely THC will linger in your system. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle through daily exercise, breaking a sweat, and replenishing that sweat with water, you will burn those fat cells and decrease the chances of THC showing up on your drug test. 

  1. The morning of your test: Drink diuretics

Before your drug test, make sure you clear out the rest of the urine in your system by drinking diuretics like coffee or cranberry juice. You want to make sure that by urinating before your test, you are emptying out any leftover THC metabolites in your body. If you want to go all out, purchase a home test kit to try and boost your confidence before your real test. Purchasing a home test kit is optional, but drinking diuretics and urinating before your real drug test is essential. 

  1. Right before your test: B12 and H2O

Make sure to take B12 vitamins and drink water before your test. Your best outcome is one of two options: passing the test, or an invalid test because of over-hydration. Anything but testing positive for THC from Delta 8 is preferred. If you follow these three steps and keep your consumption of Delta 8 to a minimum, your odds are looking like at least 66% success! If you receive an invalid test from over-hydration, you’re still in luck as you have just bought yourself more time to retake the test and repeat your regimen.

Now you will know if you will test positive for THC or not, and if you will pass a drug test using Delta 8. We hope that by following this guide, you are able to maximize your chances in passing your drug test and remove all THC in your system. Keep in mind, everyone’s bodies are different, and the timeliness of how long it may take for you to remove all the THC metabolites in your body may vary. If you have a drug test scheduled, we wish you the best of luck. For everyone else, we hope that you are more informed with how Delta 8 THC shows up on a drug test. If you are looking to learn more about Delta 8 THC and other Mints Market products, please be sure to check out our shop as well as our other blog posts!

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