Live resin is a popular and highly sought-after concentrate derived from fresh cannabis plants. This product contains only the desirable compounds of the plant, including terpenes and cannabinoids, and is made from plants that are still alive in order to preserve its unique characteristics such as aroma, flavor, and other positive attributes. Live resin is a go-to THC product for those who appreciate a high concentration of terpenes and intense aroma, as well as the therapeutic benefits it offers.

How is Live Resin Made?

The live resin process involves several steps, including harvesting, freezing, extraction, and distillation. The first step is harvesting the cannabis plant at its peak ripeness, using only the sugar leaves and flower buds, not the stems and fan leaves. The plant materials are then immediately frozen to prevent any degradation and preserve their properties. The extraction process involves using a chilled solvent, such as butane, to extract the terpenes, THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, followed by purifying the solution to remove unwanted elements.

Different Types of Live Resin

The characteristics of live resin depend on the cultivar and strain of cannabis, but it generally comes in various forms with different viscosities, including sap, jelly, butter, shatter, and wax. The terpene profile of live resin accurately reflects that of the living plant and boasts over 100 unique terpenes, each offering different therapeutic benefits. Live resin is also rich in CBD and has a THC content ranging between 65% and 95%, depending on the cannabinoid profile of the live plant.

While any strain of cannabis can produce high-quality live resin, the best strains for this concentrate have a high terpene and flavonoid content and a distinct aromatic profile. Ideal strains are Sativa-Indica hybrids with a THC content of 17% or more. Popular strains for live resin include Sunset Sherbet, Sour Diesel, Northern Lights, and White Widow.

How to Consume Live Resin

The most common method for consuming live resin is dabbing, which involves heating the concentrate to a high temperature and inhaling the vapor through a special bong called an oil rig. However, this method can be risky for those new to cannabis, as inhaling vapor at a high temperature can damage the lungs, and consuming THC products can result in loss of consciousness for those not used to them. An alternative is vaping, which is a lower-risk option, with live resin vape cartridges available in different flavors and THC concentrations.

Live resin is generally more expensive than other cannabis concentrates due to the highly controlled environment required for its extraction from fresh plant materials. The terpene content and flavor profile of the live resin also affects its price.

Live resin is a highly desirable THC product that offers a unique combination of terpenes and cannabinoids, preserving the positive attributes of the live cannabis plant. It is made through a controlled process that involves harvesting, freezing, extraction, and distillation, and is best consumed through dabbing or vaping. Live resin is more expensive than other cannabis concentrates, but its high quality and unique characteristics make it well worth the price for those who appreciate it.

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