Is your Delta 8 vape pod clogged after taking several hits? Did you receive a pod where oil is leaking out of the mouthpiece? Or maybe you have stumbled here from our FAQ page. In any case, have no fear! You have come to the right place. In this guide, we will discuss how to unclog your Delta 8 Mints Pod, and get back to producing those clouds!

At Mints, we designed our pods to allow you to vape as easily as possible with a seamless and no-fuss experience. If you have tried our pods, you will know that you can exhale as fat of a cloud as you can inhale. With all of those huge puffs, you can imagine a clog may occur. We understand that clogged pods is the worst when it comes to vaping Delta 8. That is why we want to provide you with a couple tips and tricks to get your pod back on track.

Why is My Vape Clogged?

Before we get into the drastic measures of unclogging your vape, let us first discuss how you can better minimize the chances of your vape getting clogged in the first place.

How to Prevent Your Vape From Clogging

  1. Keep your pod in proper temperatures and humidity. Making sure your pod is in a dry and cool location is the best way to ensure that the next time you pick up your pod, it will vape on command. Avoid leaving your vape in places that are too cold that it is freezing, or too warm that a candy bar can melt. Properly storing your Delta 8 pod will not only keep the pod from leaking or clogging, but will also ensure that your Delta 8 remains as potent as possible.
  2. Gently Inhale. If you are constantly taking huge puffs from your pod, you may run into clogging issues. In order to prevent clogging, gently inhale from the pod while using it to ensure that there isn’t too much vapor flowing through the mouthpiece. If you inhale too hard, you may cause the vape to leave oil on the mouthpiece, as you are inhaling faster than the pod can vaporize the Delta 8 oil. If you want to take larger hits from your Mints pod, simply inhale gently, and inhale for as long as the light on the battery will last. You will notice that you can inhale just as much if not more if you inhale slowly and for a long time.
  3. Maintain a stable connection between the pod and the battery. If your pod does not feel like it is clogged, but it is not producing any vapor, the metal prongs between the battery and the pod may be misaligned. In order to fix this issue, take a safety pin or toothpick and gently move the metal pins on the pod to realign the connection. If your pod continues to not function, please contact us for more information as to how we can help.

These are all of the ways you can better prevent your pod from ever being clogged. However, if it is too late, and you are here because your vape is truly clogged and you don’t know what to do, grab yourself a safety pin or toothpick, because we are going to unclog this pod!

How to Unclog Your Pod

If your pod is in fact not pulling through and is difficult to inhale, you may be victim to a clogged pod. Unclogging your pod requires some home tools similar to the ones previously mentioned. Most clogs occurs within the mouthpiece, or the tube feeding into the mouthpiece. By taking a toothpick or safety pin, carefully clear out any blockage from the mouthpiece hole. Although it may be tempting to clear out the clog with isopropyl alcohol, we highly advise that you do not do that. Instead, take a flame to the safety pin to sterilize it, or make sure that your toothpick is new and unused. You do not want to use any water or chemicals when clearing out your pod, as we do not want it to be accidentally vaporized and inhaled.

A last resort method to unclog your pod, is to simply inhale through the mouthpiece as hard as you can, making sure you aren’t going to hurt yourself in the process. The suction from your inhale may cause the pod to clear up and continue to be vaporized.

No More Vape Clogging!

Now, you are a Delta 8 pod vaping master! Not only do you know how to remove clogs from your pod, but you also know how to prevent your blockages from ever happening. Once again, if you are having trouble with your pod and this article did not clear up your issue, please be sure to contact us so we can help you.

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